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TWP Stain Number one Rated Wood Sealants

TWP 1500 | TWP 100
TWP Wood Deck Stain Product Selector

TWP Stain wood sealants are a unique combination of chemicals that protect and enhances the natural warmth, beauty, and integrity of new and old wood. TWP stands for Total Wood Preservative by Amteco. All TWP Stain products penetrate deeply into the wood without excessive surface film buildup, highlighting existing grain patterns with amazing clarity and warmth. Application of Amteco TWP Wood Stain is a simple and user friendly process that can be completed with a sprayer, brush or roller.

Our newest product, TWP 1500 Series replaces the TWP 500 formula and is designed to penetrate better, dry faster and outperform the previous TWP® 500 series formula.


What TWP Does:

TWP 1500 Series Stain

TWP Repels Water:

Amteco TWP Stain prevents water absorption that causes warping, cracking and splitting. Prevents freeze damage in colder climates.

Amteco TWP Stain

Amteco TWP Stops UV Damage:

Our wood stains have special U.V. absorbers prevent unsightly wood graying, darkening and fading. Wood stays beautiful and natural looking. Clear does not contain ultraviolet screening pigment and is not intended for color retention and will allow the wood to gray naturally.

TWP 100

Prevents Wood Rot:

EPA registered wood preservative prevents structural damage and wood decay. Especially important on untreated fencing and wood roofing.


Eliminates Mold & Mildew:

Total Wood Protection has special mildewcides kill mold and mildew spores preventing re-growth. Deck, fences and wood siding stay fresh and new looking.

Wood Stain Application

TWP Deck & Fence Stain is Easy to Apply:

Amteco TWP is long lasting, penetrating formula makes it easy to re-coat at any time. Maintenance is an easy task to perform for unlimited wood protection.


TWP Total Wood Preservative:

TWP - Total Wood Preservative

TWP 100 (Total Wood Preservative Deck and Furniture Finish)

1 gal can - $ 31.50 (some colors more)
5 gal can - $ 150.00(some colors more)

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TWP 1500 Stain

TWP 1500 - Deck and Furniture Finish:

1 gal. can - $ 35.00 (some colors more)
5 gal. can - $ 174.55 (some colors more)

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TWP 1500 STAIN (Matte Finish)

TWP 200 (Total Wood Preservative 200 Series)

TWP 200

1 gal can - $ 35.97 (some colors more)

5 gal can - $ 175.85 (some colors more)

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Free shipping on all amteco twp order

TWP - Total Wood Preservative

TWP 300 (Total Wood Protectant - Deck and Furniture Finish)

1 gal. can - $ 66.50 (some colors more)
5 gal. can - $ 335.00
(some colors more)

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TWP Stain | TWP 100 Series - Total Wood Preservative

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